EIOPA: Supervisory Response to a Prolonged Low Interest Rate Environment

1. To develop with National Supervisory Authorities (NSAs) an agreed framework for the quantitative assessment of the scope and scale of the risks posed by a prolonged low interest rate environment.

2. To coordinate the exercise described above under point 1 and collate results for reflection back to NSAs.

3. To develop a reporting template for NSAs to report on a –preferably– half yearly basis progress in supervisory interaction with firms on this subject. EIOPA will work with NSAs to agree details of the information to be reported, so that this can be effectively collated, analysed, and reflected back to NSAs.

4. To undertake a stocktaking exercise in 2014 to assess progress in dealing with the impact of a prolonged period of low interest rates.

Further details are available on request.

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