New investment regulations require comprehensive modifications of supervisor’s guidelines

The forthcoming amended investment regulations for German insurers and pension funds (Anlageverordnung) will necessarily entail modification and adaptation of the following circulars (Rundschreiben) und official statements of the German supervisor BaFin:

• R 4/2011 (VA) Notes on investing the restricted assets
• Direction as of 21.06.2011 (Announcements and Reporting)
• R 13/2005 (VA) Custodian
• R 12/2005 (VA) Records of the restricted assets
• R 6/2005 (VA) Reinsurance Companies
• R 7/2004 (VA) Hedge Funds
• R 1/2004 (VA) Stress Tests
• R 1/2002 ABS/CLN
• R 3/2000 Derivative Financial Instruments
• R 3/1999 Structured Instruments
• Official Statement „Notes on the Use of Receiver Forward Swaps, Long Receiver Swaptions and Credit Default Swaps as of 14.09.2005
• Further Statements: Corporate Loans, Government Bonds, etc

Further information will be available on request.

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