Professional Pension Schemes: State supervisors introduce reporting for assets and liabilities

Pension schemes for members of professional associations (doctors, architects, lawyers, notaries, etc.)

The annual report is required on form „Nachweisung 671“ issued by the insurance supervisor BaFin on the basis of the annual financial statements and the auditors reports. It comprises all assets allocated to investment categories according to the BaFin’s Investment Directive (Anlageverordnung) with book and market values as well as hidden, non-consolidated reserves or burdens in the accounts as of 31.12. of each year.

Additional statements are:

a) structured instruments acc. to Circular R 3/1999

b) financial instruments reflecting commodity risks

c) investments in hedgefunds and hedgefund linked assets (R 7/2004)

d) amount of mathematical reserves required as cover funds

e) surplus or deficit

Further information is available on request.

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